Up to 90% of the trades that Bitcoin Prime places are closed for a profit in optimal market conditions. Yes, Crypto.com is available in Canada, and users can trade 100+ cryptocurrencies with reasonable fees. To open your account with Crypto.com, take 60 seconds to pass the ID verification here. It’s worth mentioning that investing in cryptocurrencies is very risky, regardless of what crypto exchange platform you use to do so.

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  • Through the app, you can also manage your bank accounts, review transfers, make crypto trades, and track your Crypto.com credit card balance.
  • Get direct access to your LiteBit wallet and all of our coins in 3 simple steps.
  • The platform doesn’t charge deposit fees and there are no withdrawal fees for your first 10 withdrawals each month.
  • Crypto.com exchange offers a robust and strong risk engine with high derivatives trading leverage margin.

Moreover, the exchange also operates the Syndicate, a fundraising platform enabling CRO holders to purchase tokens at a discounted rate. Whatever the exchange earns from this financial platform, it uses those funds for relevant crypto-related projects. There are four kinds of Stable coins, including USDC and Tether, and borrowers can choose from these Stablecoins to receive their credit line. An interest rate of 8 to 12 percent is charged annually depending on the amount of MCO tokens staked. Crypto.com offers you to take loans by depositing different tokens like Ethereum , Bitcoin , MCO, and CRO coins.

What Are Good Alternatives To Crypto Com?

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DeFi Swap is a relatively new DeFi exchange that can be easily connected to the Crypto.com DeFi Wallet. It lets you trade the hottest DeFi tokens in a non-custodial manner, meaning that you can swap coins privately and without compromising your private keys. The Exchange itself has a neat design, but it is oriented towards traders and may not be easy to navigate for complete beginners. As of 2021 February, you can place limit, market, and advanced stop-limit/stop-loss orders. Unlike the App or Exchange, Crypto.com DeFi Swap allows you to connect your personal Ethereum wallet for simple and effortless ERC-20 token swaps. Typically, you will pay 0.3% fees to liquidity providers to support the running of smart contracts.

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The safety of funds and information held by a cryptocurrency platform is a vital consideration when selecting an exchange considering several cryptocurrency exchange hacks in recent years. By investing in and/or trading financial instruments, commodities and any other assets, you are taking a high degree of risk. You should engage in any such activity only if you are fully aware of the relevant risks.

Each crypto has its own withdrawal fees, if you plan to move your coins to your own wallet or another exchange, but these don’t kick in until you withdraw more than 10 times per calendar month. Crypto.com won’t charge https://cryptowatcher.info/ you a fee to transfer money from your bank account to its platform, which makes it the ideal choice for funding your account. Other funding options, like using a credit card, come with fees of nearly 3 percent.

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Bitcoin Prime is a crypto trading robot that’s capable of 24/7 automated trading in 14 different crypto markets. The software uses deep learning to constantly improve its trading performance and can achieve a win rate of up to 90% under most market conditions. There are no account fees for using Bitcoin Prime, but profitable traders will pay a 2% commission in exchange for the platform’s help.

If you’re concerned about working with a crypto exchange that will be in Ontario for the long-term, I suggest joining CoinSmart or Bitbuy instead. Both exchanges are based in Ontario and follow all the local laws, ensuring they’ll be serving Canadian customers for the long haul. Bitbuy was also the first only publicly traded crypto exchange in Canada, which means it’s subject to far more financial scrutiny than any other platform. It’s regulated by FINTRAC and the OSC , and its financials are audited by external professionals at least once per year. Bitbuy’s trading fees are just 0.20%, the lowest of any crypto platform in Canada.

Fully verified users can deposit funds and make withdrawals up to Crypto.com’s daily and monthly limits. It currently offers more than 250 cryptocurrencies to over 10 million customers worldwide. Crypto.com serves users in 90 countries with a unique suite of cryptocurrency-related financial products.

The platform also has a clear and fair way to make money, by charging a 2% commission on profitable accounts. The platform doesn’t charge deposit fees and there are no withdrawal fees for your first 10 withdrawals each month. After the 10th withdrawal, Bitcoin Prime charges a 0.1% transaction fee per withdrawal. Bitcoin Prime can issue orders to execute trades using the funds in your account, but it cannot access your funds directly. This provides an important degree of safety when using this service, since only you have access to your money.